Optional Services - Territorial Databanks Databanks dedicated to companies, for mailing, marketing and data management services.

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For companies and for the Public Administration, territorial databanks are a fundamental elements in relations with clients and citizens.

The quality of postal addresses especially and data banks in general, is a success factor in all communication activities, such as direct marketing campaigns, promotions and CRM activities etc.
CAP Professional
Data on the names and the corresponding zip codes of all towns and villages in Italy and the streets of the 1.000 major italian cities divided into zip code areas.

Cap Street file
Data on the names and the corresponding zip code of the 700 major Italian cities.

CAP Zone
Data regarding the borders of the zip code areas that can be integrated into GIS systems.

Area download(italian version)
The reserved area to download your databanks update.

Last update: may 2017
Poste Italiane guarantees the quality and validity of the data provided only in the case of products sold under their own brand name.

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