Territorial databanks Databanks dedicated to companies, for mailing, marketing and data management services.


  • For companies and for the Public Administration, territorial databanks are a fundamental elements in relations with clients and citizens.
  • The quality of postal addresses especially and data banks in general, is a success factor in all communication activities, such as direct marketing campaigns, promotions and CRM activities etc.


Cap Professional

  • Databank composed of letters and numbers in MS Access/2000 format
  • Contains a table of the regions and provinces in Italy
  • Also contains the standard names, the abbreviated names and the full names, complete with superscripts and punctuation marks, of municipalities, villages and streets
  • There are more than 90,000 streets contained in CAP Professional

Cap Street file

  • Databank composed of letters and numbers in MS Access/2000 format
  • Combines the information contained in CAP Professional with the list of streets of a further 659 major italian towns with more than 15,000 inhabitants, adding up to a total of 700 towns and cities
  • There are about 375,000 streets listed in CAP Street File

Cap Zone

  • Databank in ESRI shapefile standard format, which can be used on all the most common GIS platforms
  • Geographical databank of the territorial polygons corresponding to the borders of the zip code areas present throughout the country

Last update: May 2017

Poste Italiane guarantees the quality and validity of the data provided only in the case of products sold under their own brand name.

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